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UTC’s experts with abundant relevant experience efficiently provide reliable solutions in cost effective way to our clients.

UTC’s expert areas include:

  • Failure analysis and forensic investigation
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance analysis
  • Accident, incident and fire investigation
  • Finite element analysis (FEM)
  • Condition assessment on facilities and structures
  • Material evaluation
  • Corrosion engineering
  • Structure health monitoring
  • Fault diagnosis and trouble shooting
  • Non-destructive evaluation
  • Legal litigation and expert witness

Please find the other expert areas in “Design Studio”

Forensic Investigation and Failure Analysis

UTC team consists of experts with more than 30 years of relevant industrial and research experience. The key staff had successfully led and completed thousands of projects in forensic analysis, accident investigation, failure analysis, condition assessment and product development for aerospace, marine, petrochemical, electronic and microelectronic, construction, amusement, oil & gas, transportation industries and governmental agencies including Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Ministry of Transportation (MOT), Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Republic Singapore Air Force (RSAF), Singapore Civil Defence Fore (SCDF), PUB, Land Transport Authority (LTA), Navy, SMRT, RWS, SBS transit, Shell, ST Aerospace, Eagle Services Asia, SIA Engineering,  HP, Dell, ST Marine, Hyundai construction and Engineering (Korea), Takenaka Construction and Engineering (Japan), China Taiping Insurance and Sembawang Shipyard etc.


·        Determine root cause(s) of failures/accidents.

·        Find out mechanism(s) of failures and accidents.

·        Recommend solutions to prevent recurrence of failures and accidents.

·        Support litigation/court hearing on liabilities related to failures and accidents

Typical projects: 

Failure analysis on damages of amusement rides (track, roller coaster vehicle)

Forensic investigation on mass rapid transport system (MRT)/ subway accident (trains, power supply, track)

Forensic investigation on taxi fire and explosion

Investigation on accidents of cranes (wire rope breakage, boom frame fracture, brake system failure, crane topple)

Forensic investigation on taxi (car) fire and explosion

Failure analysis on aerospace engine damages (turbine blades, fan blades, vanes, etc.)

Investigation on paint and coating failures

Forensic investigation on automotive steering system failure

Failure analysis on lift wire rope fracture/breakage/snapped

Failure analysis on landing gear system failure

Investigation on hovercraft accident (gearbox, propeller)

Failure analysis on failures in gas and steam turbines

Investigation on notebook computer burning

Failure analysis on gearbox explosion

Investigation on failures in jack-up rigs (pipe corrosion, glass cracking)

Investigation on extra-hydrogen release in huge battery of Submarine

Investigation on failures of PCB, PCBA, LCD, passive components and IC

Forensic investigation on heat exchanger burst

Failure analysis on submarine power cable damage

Investigation on transformer fire

Failure analysis on engine components (piston, crankshaft, camshaft, bearings, connecting rod, bolts, engine block, etc.)

Forensic investigation on explosion of power distribution system

Failure analysis on large ship-lifting system cracking

Investigation on incidents in Singapore Flyer

Failure analysis of pipeline and piping system according to FITNET FFS

Investigation on failures in building and structures etc. 

Gearbox damage

Turbine blade damage
Building glass shatter
computer burning
Transformer fire

Condition Assessment and
Product Development 

UTC’s key staff have long history of track record in product development, process improvement and quality enhancement, structure load and stress analysis, loading spectrum establishment and fatigue life evaluation, vibration monitoring and evaluation, life span assessment, trouble shooting.


Typical projects:

  • Ø  Development of anchorage system for post-tension application.

  • Ø  Surface treatment on heavy-duty gears.

  • Ø  Stress analysis on aircraft structures.

  • Ø Corrosion evaluation for marine application.

  • Ø Fatigue and fracture assessments for reactor pressure vessel and piping, lifetime management.

  • Ø Vibration monitoring on airframe and engine.

  • Ø  Integrity analysis for nuclear structures and components.

  • Ø  Condition assessment on ship propeller.