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Traffic accident reconstruction of chain collision of car

Traffic accident reconstruction of chain collision of cars/vehicles

Traffic Accident Reconstruction Services and Expert Witness Services in Singapore

UTC accident expert with extensive relevant experience were engaged by government agencies (MOM, SCDF, ESG, PUB), MNCs and insurance companies for investigating a number of high profile accident cases, lecturing "Failure Investigation Analysis" for RSAF & "Vehicle Fire Investigation" for LTA and testifying in court as traffic expert witness and accident expert witness. UTC traffic expert had been featured in Straits Times and MediaCorp TV programs for accident investigation, and called by journalists for providing expert opinions on traffic accidents.

UTC is one of the leading organization in forensic investigation. UTC's forensic traffic accident reconstruction experts with extensive relevant experience beyond Singapore provide high quality, reliable and cost effective forensic traffic accident reconstruction services to determine causes of road traffic accidents, reconstruct road traffic accident processes and recommend counter measures to prevent traffic accident recurrance in respects of collisions, impacts, injuries and vehicle damages, and acting as traffic accident expert witness testifying in Singapore Court.

UTC's accident reconstruction and investigation services had been well recognized by Singapore government agencies (e.g. SCDF, MOM, PUB, RSAF, ESG (ex-SPRING), LTA) and many MNCs (e.g. Hyundai Korea, Takenaka Japan, China Raiway Tunnel Group, MSIG Insurance, Rajah & Tann (Lawyer Firm, WongPartnership (Lawyer Firm), NTUC Health Group, Universal Terminal (Oil and Gas), SEMCO Marine) .

UTC's expert witness services and accident investigation reports were proven and accepted by High Court, State Court, Criminal Court and Arbitration Court.

Traffic accident reconstruction services

Traffic accident reconstruction is to to uncover information on the unknown conditions and human actions in the traffic collision, and determine the cause(s) of the traffic accident(s) as well as relevant liabilities, based on known information captured after the collision (i.e., scene photographs/videos, measurements and physical evidence, police statements), and scientific principles.

Every year, thousands of traffic collision and accidents occur in Singapore, giving rise to a lot of vehicular damage insurance claims, medical compensation claims, criminal charges and civil suits. Traffic accidents caused heavy economic and social toll in terms of repair costs, medical costs, loss of future income, cost of investigation and legal procedures, and pains/suffering.

In litigations, traffic accident reconstruction (or traffic accident investigation) is necessary to prepare investigation report for litigation, the investigator will be called as traffic accident reconstruction expert witness to testify in Court hearing. For more details about expert witness, click Expert witness in litigation and insurance claims.

UTC accident investigation expert Dr George YU featured in Mediacorp TV programs

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UTC's Traffic Accident Reconstruction Service
  • Determine the traffic accident cause(s);
  • Reconstruct the traffic accident events;
  • Assess the possibility of injuries caused by traffic accident;
  • Filter out possible insurance claim fraud in traffic accident;
  • Assist and support the reasonable claims and compensations related to road traffic accident;
  • Support traffic accident related litigations including court hearing.

Why Choose UTC's experts for Traffic Accident Reconstruction Services?

  • UTC is one of leading independant investigation company in Singapore, consists of experts with expensive relevant experience and qualifications.
  • UTC's accident investigation services had been well recongnized by industries and government agencies including Republic of Singapore Air Force, DSTA, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Hyundai (Korea), PUB, SBS Transit, China Taiping Insurance, Rajah & Tann, WongPartnership, Universal Terminal,Takenaka (Japan) and MSIG Insurance, etc.
  • UTC's accident investigation services are cost-effective, validated by a number of awards on relevant projects from government tenders in GeBiz.
  • UTC's expert witness and reports were proven and accepted by High Court, State Court, Criminal Court and Arbitration Court.

  • How to Conduct Forensic Traffic Accident Reconstruction?

    A thorough and complete road traffic accident reconstruction (or traffic accident investigation) involves following steps:

  • review on background information including relevant documents, police reports, photos, videos, AEIC etc.
  • literature research on relevant traffic accidents
  • survey the traffic accident site
  • traffic collision mechanics analysis
  • biomechanics analysis of occupants and related injuries
  • laboratory investigation on relevant specimens
  • interviews on relevant personnel involved in traffic accident and observers
  • data analysis and inference
  • reporting traffic accident reconstruction results and conclusions

  • UTC's expert areas in road traffic accident reconstruction

    Investigation and reconstruction on car and motorcycle collision

    Our key experts had provided forensic accident investigation and failure analysis services to regional countries and beyond, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korean, The Netherland, Italy, etc.

    Investigation and reconstruction on car bicycle collision

    Car bicycle collision accident reconstruction and investigation by UTC traffic expert

    Types of traffic accidents

    Traffic collisions may involve vehicles such as passenger cars, vans, lorries, heavy trucks, buses, and vulnerable road users on motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, personal mobility device (“PMD”, skateboards, kick scooters, e-scooters and e-wheels and pedestrians.

    A moving vehicle may collide with a fixed object (eg lamp-post, tree), a stationary vehicle, another moving vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian or animal. If accidents involved multiple vehicles in series, they are called chain collision.

    Types of traffic crashes include:
    • head-on (frontal) collision;
    • sideswipe collision;
    • broadside (side impact);
    • rear-end collision;
    • under-ride accident;
    • vehicle yaw;
    • vehicle fall;
    • vehicle flip
    • car rollover.

    • Collisions may occur along straight segments, bends, at pedestrian crossings or at junctions. A vehicle may be turning, changing lane, merging into a lane, passing, crossing a junction or negotiating a bend.

    Typical UTC traffic accident reconstruction and investigation projects

    • Investigation and reconstruction on car and bicycle collision.
    • Investigation and reconstruction on chain collicion of multiple cars.
    • Investigation on car collision and fire
    • Forensic investigation on mass rapid transport system (MRT) / subway accidents
    • Forensic investigation on taxi/car/vehicle fire and explosion
    • Investigation on accidents of mobile crane toppling
    • Investigation on fatal vehicle accident involved steer syatem failure
    • Forensic analysis on traffic accident involved flexible flat cable failure of airbags

    Traffic accidents may relate to human factor (drivers characteristics and conditions including risk taking behaviour,drowsiness, fatigue and alcohol impairment adversely affects alertness, perception, judgment and reactions etc.), vehicle factors (component failues, system failures, poor maintenance etc.) and environment factor (traffic density, road geometry, road surface condition, weather, lighting, contrast and visibility, speed limit, traffic signs and control devices, and visual obstructions etc.).

    Relevant publications on forensic accident investigation analysis

    Investigation and reconstruction of side collision of cars

    Investigation on car side collision

    Accident reconstruction and investigation by UTC expert

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