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Failure Analysis & accident investigation Corrosion engineering Fire investigation Expert witness in litigation Design & structural analysis Condition assessment

Fires are very serious threat to public safety, which often caused a significant cost to society and danger to human lives.

UTC key staff had been engaged in a number of fire and explosion investigation cases, including car fire and explosion investigation, electrical device fire investigation, power system fire and explosion analysis, tranformer fire investigation, swithchgear fire analysis, train fire and eplosion investigation, hand dryer fire investigation, crane fire examination and shopping mall fire and explosion investigation, etc.

Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) awarded UTC to conduct training course on vehicle fire investigation.

UTC team consists of experts with more than 35 years of relevant industrial and research experience for aerospace, marine, petrochemical, electronic and microelectronic, construction, amusement, oil & gas, transportation industries and governmental agencies including Ministry of Defence (Singapore), Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Hyundai Engineering and Construction (Korean), Public Utilities Board (PUB), The Straits Times, SBS Transit, High Court, State Courts, China Taiping Insurance, Rajah & Tann, WongPartnership, Universal Terminal, Singapore Navy, SMRT, RWS, Shell, ST Aerospace, Eagle Services Asia, SIA Engineering, HP, Dell, ST Marine, Takenaka Corporation (Japan) and Sembawang Shipyard, etc.

Recent relevant publications

    Recently, UTC had published articles on failure analysis and accident investigation as follows:

  • "Improving quality and reliabity through effective failure analysis" was presented in Symposium on Materials Processing, Inspection and Testing held on August 24, 2017, Malaysia.

  • Click here to read more the presentation report.

  • "Forensic investigation on crane accidents" was published in International Journal on Forensic Engineering in 2017.

  • Click here to read the partial article.
    For full article, please contact the publisher.


  • Determine root cause(s) of fire and explosion.
  • Find out mechanism(s) of fire and explosion.
  • Recommend solutions to prevent recurrence of fire and explosion.
  • Support litigation/court hearing on liabilities related to fire and explosion.
  • Typical projects

  • Investigation on taxi fire and explosion.
  • Assessment on electrical busbar explosion in shopping mall.
  • Analysis on Hand dryer fire in school.
  • Examination on switchgear burning.
  • Investigation on fire and explosion of train power system.
  • Assessment on crane fire in construction.
  • Investigation on electrical power distribution system explosion.
  • Analysis on computer burning.
  • Investigation on transformer fire.
  • Available Analytical Techniques

  • Infrared Thermography
  • Visual examination
  • Cross-sectional examination/metallography
  • Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)
  • Florescence X-ray spectrometry
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometry (FTIR)
  • Flash point and autoignition temperature test
  • Flammability test
  • Expert areas

  • Industrial fire investigation
  • Residential fire investigation
  • Fuel fire analysis
  • Electrical fire investigation
  • Fire debris analysis
  • Mechanical fire investigation

  • Other expert areas, please refer to
  • Corrosion engineering

  • Failure analysis and accident investigation.

  • Expert witness in litigation and insurance claims.

  • Condition assessment

  • Design and structural analysis

  • Technical training
  • Industrial Failure Analysis - Investigation, causes, mechanisms and prevention
    Applied Metallurgy - Compositions, microstructure, process and properties of metals and alloys
    Corrosion - mechanisms, investigation and prevention
    Fire Investigation
    Structual analysis in design and failure investigation
    Human factors in design and accident investigation

    Our key experts had provided these services to reginal countries and beyond, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, The Netherland, Italy, etc.