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Failure analysis, accident & fire investigation-UTC Clients :

Failure Analysis and Accident Investigation Services

UTC team consists of experts with more than 35 years of relevant industrial and research experience as well as qualifications. The key staff has successfully led and completed thousands of projects in forensic analysis, accident investigation, failure analysis (FA), condition assessment for aerospace, marine, petrochemical, electronic and microelectronic, construction, amusement, oil & gas, transportation industries and governmental agencies including Ministry of Defence (Singapore), Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Housing & Development Board (HDB), Hyundai Engineering and Construction (Korea), Public Utilities Board (PUB), The Straits Times, SBS Transit, High Court, State Courts, China Taiping Insurance, Rajah & Tann, WongPartnership, Universal Terminal, Singapore Navy, SMRT, Resort World of Sentosa(RWS), Shell, ST Aerospace, Eagle Services Asia, SIA Engineering, HP, Dell, ST Marine, Takenaka Corporation (Japan) and Sembawang Shipyard, etc.

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Some of our newly awarded failure analysis and accident investigation projects:

  • Failure analysis and accident investigation on liquid dispenser fire by Consumer Safety Department of Singapore Government - Spring Singapore/Enterprise Singapore

  • Failure analysis and investigation on building cladding (aluminium composite panel - ACP) fire at Toh Guan Road

  • Failure analysis and accident investigation on explosion of electric storage water heater by Consumer Safety Department of Singapore Government - Spring Singapore/Enterprise Singapore

  • Failure analysis investigation on damage items at and/or recovered from incident sites (two year contract + one year option) by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

  • Failure analysis on fractured manhole framesets from Public Utilities Board (PUB)

  • Failures and accidents often occur on products, facilities, infrastructures, production line and work sites in various industrial sectors, not only resulting in huge economic loss but also fatalities in some cases. It’s critical and imperative to perform failure analysis and fornsic investigation to determine the failure cause(s), failure mechanism(s) and provide counter measures to prevent similar failure(s) recurrence in future. Effective failure analysis (FA) and accident investigation can not only enhance reliability and safety of products, infrastructures nd plant, but also improve product quality and reduce operational cost and down time of facilities so that improve productivity.

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    Expert areas in failure analysis & accident investigation

    Recent relevant publications

      Recently, UTC had published articles on failure analysis and accident investigation as follows:

    • "Improving quality and reliabity through effective failure analysis" was presented in Symposium on Materials Processing, Inspection and Testing held on August 24, 2017, Malaysia.

    • Click here to read more on presentation slides.

    • "Forensic investigation on crane accidents" was published in International Journal on Forensic Engineering, Vol.3 No 4, 2017.

    • Click here to read the partial article.
      For full article, please contact the publisher.

    Objectives of failure analysis & accident investigation

      Effective failure analysis (FA) and accident investigation will:

    • Determine root cause(s) of failures/accidents/incidents.
    • Find out mechanism(s) of failures, incidents and accidents.
    • Recommend counter measures and solutions to prevent recurrence of failures and accidents.
    • Support litigation/court hearing on litigation/liabilities related to failures and accidents

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    Common manufacturing processes involved

    The failed products/devices/facilities in our failure analysis and accident investigation projects were made by:

  • welding
  • milling
  • turning
  • drilling
  • brazing
  • grinding
  • hot and cold forming
  • forging
  • casting
  • bonding
  • CVD deposition
  • PVD deposition
  • etching
  • plating
  • coating
  • bolt joining
  • cleaning
  • chemical treatment
  • heat treatment
  • assembly
  • moulding
  • cutting
  • etc.

    Recent Litigation and Court Cases

    A mobile crane toppled when lifting an 40 feet container, resulting in damages amount to several hundred of thousands dollars. UTC was engaged to investigate the accident causes and as expert witness in legal litigation. According to the court record, the Judge accepted our conclusion that the crane toppled was due to defective/malfunctional AML system.

    A heavy gate toppled during installation and caused a worker death. UTC was engaged by MOM for accident investigation and as expert witness in this court case. According to Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia's reports, the court ruled that the contractor was fined S$280,000 for fatal gate toppling. The contractor filed appeal, but lost the appeal and punishment was increased from S$280,000 to S$330,000 for fatal gate toppling. UTC had successfully determined the root causes of the accident and testified in the court hearing by providing solid evidences with scientific methodolody.

    One crane collapsed in a construction site, which severely damaged the nearby plant facilities and workshop during lifting operation. China Taiping Insurance engaged UTC to investigate the accident and as expert witness in legal suit. We successfully determined the root causes of the accident. Shortly after receiving our report, the case was settled favourably before court hearing.

    Typical failure analysis & accident investigation projects

      Our experts had successfully accomplished thousands of failure analysis and accident investigation projects, some typical cases are listed as follows:

    • Failure analysis on damages of mechanical system of amusement rides (track, roller coaster vehicle)
    • Forensic investigation on mass rapid transport system (MRT) / subway accident (trains, power supply, track)
    • Forensic investigation on taxi/car/vehicle fire and explosion
    • Investigation on accidents of cranes (wire rope breakage, boom frame fracture, brake system failure, bearing damage, crane topple)
    • Forensic investigation on building cladding (aluminium composite panel -ACP) fire and expert witness in high court
    • Failure analysis on aerospace engine damages (turbine blades, fan blades, vanes, etc.)
    • Investigation on paint and coating failures
    • Forensic investigation on automotive steering system and shaft failure(transportation)
    • Failure analysis on lift wire rope fracture/breakage/snapped of building
    • Failure analysis on aerospace landing gear system failure
    • Failure investigation on hovercraft accident (gearbox, propeller) in shipyard
    • Failure analysis on damages in gas and steam turbines
    • Failure investigation on notebook computer burning
    • Failure analysis on gearbox explosion
    • Forensic investigation on failures in jack-up rigs (pipe corrosion, glass cracking)
    • Failure analysis on fractures of wire ropes in multi-wenches lifting system
    • Failure investigation on extra-hydrogen release in huge battery of Submarine
    • Investigation on failures of PCB, PCBA, LCD, passive components and IC
    • Forensic investigation on heat exchanger burst
    • Failure analysis on submarine power cable damage
    • Failure investigation on winch wire rope snapping in construction site
    • Forensic investigation on transformer fire in plant
    • Failure analysis on engine components (piston, crankshaft, camshaft, bearings, connecting rod, bolts, engine block, etc.)
    • Forensic investigation on explosion of power distribution system in plant
    • Failure investigation on large ship-lifting system welding joint cracking in shipyard (marine)
    • Forensic investigation on incidents in Singapore Flyer
    • Failure analysis of pipeline and piping system according to FITNET FFS
    • Investigation on failures in building & structures etc.